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Tips for Picking the Best Neckties for Men

Neckties are important accessories worn by men. It is a long piece of clothing that men wear around the neck. Most times, it rests under the collar of the shirt and is usually knotted at the throat. Neckties are worn by men to various places such as formal events, to the office or even as uniforms.

Neckties are typically worn by men even though women also wear them. A man cannot complete a formal look without neckties. The first thing that people note when men enter into a room is their neckties. You do not only wear it around your neck but it also complements your attire. For this reason, it is vital to choose the perfect necktie which will match you clothing and skin color. If you have the wrong necktie on, you might end up having an attire which is uncoordinated which is a fashion disaster.

Selecting the right necktie is a challenging task. You have to match your necktie with your attire be it a suit, dress shirt or other accessories. Neckties are available in different colors, designs, styles, patterns and fabric. In this guide, we discuss some suggestions which will be of great assistance in selecting the perfect necktie to match your attire.

When choosing a necktie, you need to feel the fabric of the tie. Before going to pay for the tie, request the sales clerk to advise you on the necktie which you will be wearing. Silk ties are the best as silk holds the shape of the tie well and it is also lightweight and durable. Whenever you can, stay away from cotton ties as they wrinkle easily which can be a huge mess to fix. Wool is also another material used but it is not as formal as silk.

The color of necktie one selects is determined by their preferences. There are some things you have to keep in mind when picking the color of the necktie. There are two things you can do with the necktie one which includes creating a complement or contrast with it. Wear a necktie which creates a full contrast with the attire you have. If you have worn a dark shirt, you can wear a necktie of a light color. A dark-colored necktie can match quite well with a light-colored color. You might also decide to pick the same color so just make sure you counter check the colors of the attire and necktie.

It can be challenging to match patterned neckties. One of the most challenging elements is picking a necktie that goes with the pattern of your suit. The basic rule in wearing patterned shirts is to get solid ties with it or if you have patterned neckties, to wear solid dress shirts.

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