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these pests are always harmful to human and also animal and plant health. Most farmers and also we as human beings have always wanted to control these pests to ensure that they are minimal or even manage them to completely remove them from destroying our crops.

Flies are examples of pests that should be really controlled and are in the same family with the mosquitoes and other dangerous flies that are a threat to the animal and human beings health. These flies also when they breed they multiply so fast and within a shorter period of time they would be all over spreading germs. These diseases include cholera and typhoid where both of them are infected by taking food or water that is contaminated by the wastes and contamination by the flies and poor sanitation.

Pest management and control is also important because it helps to prevent destruction of property and crops. To control rats you can use pesticides to destroy or use biological ways of controlling them through use a cat and such ways would really help.

When pests destroys crops it means that the rate of food supply in the country would reduce and also the economy of that country would be likely increased. Pests that destroys crops are well known to cause massive destruction of the crops in the farm making the farmer and the nation to be worried and lose hope on the final product of what they invested in. The army worms always cuts the leaves when they just begin to grown making the plant to deteriorate in its health and also it lowers the growth rate of the plant or totally destruct it.

Spraying of pesticides is also done with the aim of controlling attack of the crops by locusts. Controlling of birds involves the use of scare crows or the use of biological ways where you bring in an animal which the birds fear making them not to enter the farm.

It is also important to control and manage pest but the methods used should also be able to be environmental friendly. The use of pesticides to control pests is cheap and most effective way but it does not consider the health of human beings. The use of planes to spray farms may cause global warming and it also contaminates the air in which people get oxygen from.

People’s lives are more important than the activity that would have been done in a way that could not have an impact on the other people whom you didn’t intend to.

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